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An essential part of every man’s grooming routine is Eau de Cologne. The most potent of all the forms of fragrances, cologne is long-lasting, powerful, and oh so masculine. Whether you’re wearing your favourite aftershave for yourself or to impress those around you — you can be confident that an eau de cologne will last as long as you need it. Just apply a few spritz after showering and you’re ready to go!

The name eau de cologne comes from the city Cologne, Germany where cologne was originally invented in 1709. A sensation amongst the royal families of the time, eau de cologne quickly solidified its position within the perfume world. However, nowadays you don’t have to be a king to wear the best smelling cologne. At Luxplus we have affordable designer fragrances available for all. Whether you prefer Tommy Hilfiger cologne, or fancy one of Hugo Boss’ many aftershave colognes.

Pining for a scent that reminds you of the old days? The cologne 4711 has been available since 1792 and is the predecessor to famous fragrances such as Acqua di Parma and Tom Ford. That said, Acqua di Parma’s Colonia, just like cologne 4711, has also stood the test of time. In fact, Acqua di Parma’s Colonia was invented in 1915 and has been beloved by old Hollywood celebrities since the 1930s.

You can also find more modern aftershave colognes on Luxplus. We have colognes from popular fashion houses such as Issey Miyake and Giorgio Armani. As well as everyday favourites like Old Spice cologne and Axe aftershave sprays. Save money on cologne by ordering online on Luxplus. We offer year round savings and are always happy to help you find the eau de cologne that you’re looking for. So why wait? Order from Luxplus and start saving money on cologne.