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Eau de toilette describes the concentration of fragrance. Edt is weaker and less intense than eau de parfum and stronger than cologne and contains around 10% aromatic essence. Top notes in most edts are dominant, creating a refreshing effect that is instantaneous. For this reason, the scent evaporates relatively rapidly. Eau de toilette can be used at any time of year, but it is particularly adequate for the summer where its refreshing qualities come to life. Eau de toilette freshens the skin and combines with your natural scent to give you an appealing scent that brings out the best attributes of your personality and boosts your attraction factor.

At you will find a wide range of mens perfume available as edt. We sell high quality mens aftershave and fragrances at cheap prices that are gentle on your pocket and give you optimal value for money. Browse through brands such as Azarro, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, David Beckham, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith, Versace and find the best mens perfume today. Choose between sizes such as 4.5 ml, 5 ml, 50 ml, 60 ml, 75 ml, 90 ml, 100 ml, 125 ml, 200 ml. If you would like to try a new edt to vary your scent and experiment with new aromas, why not try a miniature edt, available in a sleek 4.5ml or 5 ml bottle? Paul Smith Extreme Mini edt 5 ml and Burberry Weekend for Men Mini are two mini edts that pack a hefty punch in spite of their size. For larger edt variants, why not check out the classically masculine Jean Paul Gaultier brand and its numerous edts, such as Le Beau Male edt 200 ml, Fleur du Male edt 40 ml or 75 ml or the timeless, endearing Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male edt 125 ml.

Find the best eau de toilette for men at and make huge savings on purchases of mens fragrances and aftershave.

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