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Hair colour can add dimensions of fun and creativity to your life. Bored of your current look? Why not spice things up a bit with a new shade that gives you the chance to experiment a bit? At you will find many hair colour products from brands such as Revlon, L'Oreal, Colour Xtreme, Garnier and Renbow. Whether you are looking to keep your new shade of blonde hair colour or to accentuate dark, bold shades of chestnut, you will find various hair colour options amongst our large sortiment of hair colour products for all hair types. The Revlon Nutri Color product range is but one example of the range and flexibility that our hair colour products offer. This series consists of hair colour cream that is designed to give your hair colour a lift between visits to the salon. Revlon Nutri Color products also restore moisture and emit powerful shades of colour that leave hair soft, glossy, free of static and replenished. The process takes a mere 3 minutes and you can choose from shades such as Revlor Nutri Color Pale Gold, Purple Red, Fire Red, Havana, White Platinum, Light Beige, Brown and lots more.

Looking for a less permanent look? We also sell temporary hair colour products such as the Colour Xtreme Hair Art spray series, available in shades such as orange, green, gold, red, blue and silver. Temporary hair colour is the ideal accessory for any wild party idea and a befitting accompaniment to the best costumes, be the occasion Halloween, The Carnival or any other fancy dress event. Remember that hair colour affects the state of your hair and therefore, it is advisable that you give your coloured hair extra care. Choose from a wide range of hair care products from iconic brands such as Uniq One, Kerastase or Moroccan Oil and give your hair the attention that it deserves.
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