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Good personal care can work wonders on your sexual life, confidence and charm. Under personal care, we have a wide selection of items such as contraceptives and foot care products. The importance of effective contraceptives is self-evident yet frequently overlooked. If you are looking for cheap albeit effective contraceptives, sells many condom varieties from brands such as Durex. Having an extra condom or contraceptive can come handy in many situations. Save money on cheap condoms and other contraceptives and ensure that your sex life is both secure, comfortable and even adventurous. Our wide selection of large or small condom packs allow you to easily find what product suits you best. Why not spice thing up a bit ? Try one of our massage creams, orgasm enhancing gels or lubes today and add fun and creativity into your sex life. You can also experiment for different condom varieties, from featherlite condoms that provide sensation whilst offering protection, to extra strong condoms that provide optimal protection for your sexual experience. Find the condom that best suits your sexual needs at

Our feet are another part of the body that need to taken care of. Flaking skin, dry skin, foot odour and blisters are some of the ailments that can bother our feet and affect our wellbeing and confidence.
For those in need of good foot care, sells items such as foot files, plaster, foot spray and other products that get rid of dry skin, fight bad odours and leave the feet healthy and moisturised.

Under personal care you will also find miscellaneous items such as sports tape, tissues, mosquito repellant and other personal care products. Check out our wide range of personal care products today and make huge savings on contraceptives, foot care products and many other items that are vital for your health and wellbeing.
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