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Blush possesses the magical ability to brighten your face and make you appear more energised or awake, even if you’re not. Unlike other forms of makeup, blush can add a pop of colour as well as dimension to your face. Best of all, blush, or rouge, is incredibly versatile. Dark blushes can help sculpt your face, while pink blush colour can create a more youthful glow.

Once you’ve decided on a blush color, it’s important to choose a specific blush cosmetics type. Makeup blushes come in several different forms, like cream blush, powder blush, and even, liquid blush. If you choose to use a cream blush or liquid blush, be sure to also use a blush brush so that you can get the most out of your blush makeup.

On Luxplus UK we have the best blush brands such as, Rimmel blush, Youngblood mineral blush, and L'Oreal true match blush. Beyond our large assortment of blush brands and blush colours, we also offer huge savings on blush makeup. Shop our selection of blushes and start saving today!
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