Members only:
Save on everything
Always cheap shipping
Extra savings with BonusCash
Members only:
Save on everything
Always cheap shipping
Extra savings with BonusCash

Can’t get enough beauty?

Luxplus has the brands you love.
And the products you can’t live without.

It’s true: At Luxplus there’s no need to wait for the yearly sale. Or refrain from buying your favourites because of the prices. For only £8.99 per month you can buy over 20.000 products at sale prices - every day! No matter the brand. No matter the product. With cheap shipping. No more price comparison. No more stores with empty shelves. Do your beauty shopping at Luxplus and get your money’s worth.

Sign up for a 14 day trial period with your first purchase - and say goodbye to high prices on brands you love. And on products you can’t live without.

Your benefits


Reduced prices every day, all year

Cheap shipping on all orders

Fast delivery, 90 days cancellation

Earn BonusCash

…and withdraw from your next purchase. . 1 BonusCash = £1

First 14 days: £0

14 days to try Luxplus - for free!

Benefits = freedom

The more you shop at Luxplus, the more you save. You save time. And you save money on shipping and all your purchases. And the more you save, the more freedom you get to use your money on the things you want. See, what you’ll typically save by shopping at Luxplus.


Save £38 /month


Save £74 /month


Save £120 /month

This is what we do

Our members are entitled to as much luxury as possible! We buy directly at the largest vendors and we never compromise on quality, assortment or authenticity. But we save wherever we can - and most of those savings go directly to you!

This is why you save so much:

Own warehouse = cheap rent

No fancy stores on fancy addresses

Extra nice prices on outlet

Effective ways of working

Many members = we buy in bulk

Solid partnerships with brands and vendors

This is who we are

We started in 2013. Today we have over 120,000 members. At Luxplus we are as different as our members. And equally obsessed with the things that makes the everyday luxurious:
Nice products, fun people and good energy!

We are often asked

Luxplus is a unique, members concept. The membership gives you the opportunity to save money on thousands of products, from exclusive brands to well-known everyday items. You save an average of £30 or more on each order and rapidly earn back your monthly membership fee through significant savings.

We buy all our products directly from European suppliers and add them to our own stocks. In doing so, we cut out costly middlemen who often add extra expenses to product prices.

You earn BonusCash for each subsequent purchase on Luxplus. The amount of BonusCash equals the amount, which is automatically deducted from your next order.

You will receive an automatic email when your order has been dispatched. Use this mail to see your track and trace number and check the status of your order.

Yes, it’s true