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Eyebrows can completely transform a face. Don’t believe me, try googling faces without eyebrows (yikes!), but I digress. Basically if you want to look your best, eyebrows are a great place to start. However in order to achieve bold brows like Brooke Shields’ or perfectly arched ones like Kim Kardashian’s, you’ll need the right tools. From eyebrow tweezers to eyebrow pencils and stencils, Luxplus has wide assortment of eyebrow accessories and sets.

How To Shape Eyebrows

One of the best ways to achieve better brows is to start with a brow kit. A brow kit, like the bestselling W7 Eyebrow Stencil Kit, usually includes some stencils, an eyebrow comb, eyebrow setting wax and some eyebrow colour in the form of powder or gel. Start by brushing your brows upwards and outwards. Then choose your desired stencils and trace the shape with an eyebrow pencil, making sure to stick to your natural arch as closely as possible. Once you’ve outlined your brow, apply some brow wax to keep the hairs in place while you pluck any strays. When you’re done, feel free to fill in the brows with colour or highlight your arch with an illuminator.

Best Eyebrow Makeup

Luxplus stocks some of the best brands when it comes to brows. We have brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills to Wunder2 Wunderbrow at discounts of up to 80% off. The brand, Wunder2, in particular is unique in that it helps you achieve semi-permanent brows at home. Another favourite is Revitalash’s RevitaBrow, this award-winning formula was designed specifically for those with sparse or thin brows. The RevitaBrow serum conditions brows at the root and helps promote hair growth in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Shop on Luxplus to get all the tools you need to achieve those perfect Instagram brows. In the end, eyebrows are a small fix can truly make a difference in your everyday look!

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