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It's Friday night and you need to look at your best for tonight's event. Your makeup is done and your outfit for the evening is on. You look and feel dapper and ready to set the world alight. Your lips are the last thing between you and being the most dazzling lady for miles around. A good lipstick in a prominent shade that adds volume to your lips can make you irresistible in a matter of minutes, but without an effective lip liner, your work can easily be undone and your lipstick can "bleed" to areas around the lip, an effect that most women would much rather do without.

Lip Liner, also known as lip pencil helps you put the finishing touches to your look by evening the outer edges of your lips after you have coated them with lipstick. Give your primed lips a final masterstroke to smoothen the way your lipstick sits on them and to keep the lipstick inside the lip area. Lip liner also allows you to create contrast and give your lips a brilliant stand-out effect that sets you apart from the crowd.

At, you will find a wide range of lip liner from top brands sold at cheap prices. Choose from brands such as Max Factor, Rimmel, Lancôme and Estée Lauder in shades such as tint berry burst, tint passion red, tint marshmallow and tint latte. Lip liner is the perfect travel accomplice if you need makeup on the go. Why not check out our absolu voyage make up palette from Lancôme? This travel essential contains all the makeup products a woman needs to have with her when she is out and about, a stylish lip liner pencil included. Find all the lip pencil products that you need and save on purchases from your top brands.
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