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If you’re a nail polish addict, then you know the nail polish brand Essie. With their extensive nail varnish collection and quintessential clear bottles with white caps, Essie is a force to be reckoned with in the nail world. But even though Essie is a high quality top nail polish brand, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay top price. At Luxplus you can always buy cheap uk Essie nail polish online. No matter if you choose Essie gel polish or Essie nail varnish, you’re in good hands with Essie nail polish.

The reason why nail polish addicts choose Essie again and again is because of Essie’s high quality nail polish and huge selection of colours. Some of the most popular Essie nail polish colours include Essie 444 Fifth Avenue, Essie 384 Mademoiselle, and Essie 182 Russia Roulette. Beyond Essie’s fan favourite colours, Essie also produces seasonal nail polish collections. Such as Essie Nail Polish 4 Piece Set Fall Collection, Essie Nail Polish 4 Piece Set Winter Collection, and Essie Nail Polish 3 Piece Set Summer Collection.

But did you know that Essie also makes Essie Good To Go Top Coat and Essie First Base Base Coat? These multifunctional top coats and base coats work to keep your polish looking fresh and chip free longer! And better yet, if you don’t have the patience to wait for your nails to dry, you can always pick up a bottle of Essie Quick-E which will dry your nail polish in a flash! If you want to make sure that your Essie nail polish colour really pops, prep your nails with Essie White Bright Nail Pen. Essie’s White Bright Nail Pen both whitens and brighten your nail’s natural colour, leaving you with healthy and shiny results.

So whether you are looking for an everyday Essie nail polish colour, or something long lasting like Essie Gel Couture, you know you can trust the best nail polish brand Essie! Shop on Luxplus and find a cheap UK Essie nail polish today.
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