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MAC cosmetics was one of the first makeup brands in the world to produce makeup that not only looks great in real life, but also in photographs amazing well. In fact, MAC, which stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics, was founded by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo with the sole purpose of creating colourful makeup that was able to transcend the medium of photography. Since its founding in 1984, MAC has accomplished a lot more than simply creating makeup that photographs well. Nowadays the brand has stores all over the world and collaborates with celebrities ranging from the Selena MAC line to Rihanna's MAC Viva Glam.

Cheap MAC

Here at Luxplus, we’re excited to be able to offer amazing deals on MAC makeup. Now you can snag a highly pigmented MAC eyeshadow or a bold red MAC lipstick for even less. One of the great things about MAC makeup is the versatility of their products. Famous for their durable and utilitarian packaging, MAC makeup often comes in refillable pans and customisable palettes. Beyond their packaging, MAC also has a wide array of makeup enhancers and makeup accessories such as MAC’s Lustre Drops, foundation pumps, and MAC pigments. MAC pigments in particular allow you to add pop of colour to any favourite makeup product!

MAC Lipstick

One of MAC makeup’s biggest bestsellers is MAC Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo has a reputation for being one of the most universally flattering lipstick shades around! The red lipstick is even a favourite amongst those who normally shy away from colour. But if you’re still standoffish about the vibrant hue, luckily MAC also has the perfect nude in the form of MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick!

Know that whatever you choose, you’ll be getting a great deal on MAC makeup on Luxplus. Browse our selection today and find the next product for your collection.

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