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The Original Beautyblender

Nowadays there’s one tool that you’ll find in every makeup artist’s bag—the beauty blender. Launched 15 years ago, this iconic pink makeup sponge revolutionised the beauty industry, making it easier than ever to achieve a flawless face. Although makeup sponges have been used on and off for the last century, what sets the beauty blender a part is it’s edgeless shape and versatile texture.

How to use a Beautyblender

In order to really see the full benefits of a beauty blender it’s important to use the sponge correctly. The first step is to dampen the beauty blender; this step is crucial as it prevents the sponge from absorbing too much product. Afterwards, simply bounce the beauty blender in circular motion, evenly distributing product throughout your face. The end result is perfectly blended makeup!

What is a Beautyblender

While most prefer to use the beauty blender to apply foundation, the sponge can also be used for applying moisturiser, bronzer, blush, and more. In fact, the original beauty blender has a wide range of blenders for all purposes. From micro mini beauty blenders used for eye makeup and more precise applications to the beauty blusher for contouring and blush—the original beauty blender has a sponge for every step in your makeup routine. And of course, we also sell beauty blender cleanser to help you clean your beauty blender after each use.

Beautyblender liner designer and more

Due to the enormous success of the beauty blender, the brand has also expanded its line to include even more handy makeup applicators and accessories. The newest addition the blotterazzi builds upon the absorption technology of the original beauty blender and works as an alternative to traditional blotting papers. While the liner.designer helps anyone (especially those with an unsteady hand) achieve perfectly symmetrical winged eyeliner.

Real Beautyblender for less

By being a Luxplus member you can pay even less for a real beauty blender. In fact with our prices, you can even snag one for each step in your makeup routine. Shop our selection now and be one step closer to achieving a truly flawless face!

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