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Guide To Multimasking

By Miss Makeup Magpie
Multimasking is one of the biggest current beauty trends right now. Unsure where to start? Read on for Multimasking tips and tricks...

Multimasking has become a massive beauty trend thanks to Instagram, and since it started last year it has been embraced by millions. Many Instagram based beauty trends are often questionable but Multimasking is an easy trend to master, with effective results. Multimasking is technically a customisable facial where you can apply multiple face masks at the same time to treat different skin concerns at once, as nobody's face is the same skin type all over. Even though Multimasking is designed for the face, I find it to be super effective for the hair too so I have my top Luxplus Multimasking picks which will help you embrace the Multimasking trend.

Kicking off with the main method of Multimasking – the face. Personally I would describe my skin as being dry so I typically favour the more hydrating types of masks, but my face isn't dry all over as my chin and jawline are blemish prone which is where I tend to prefer using a more purifying mask. I first discovered that using the same mask all over my face wasn't beneficial for my skin when I used the super hyped GLAMGLOW Youthmud Mask which is pretty harsh on the skin as it draws all of the impurities out of the skin. Whenever I used the mask, my dry skin was left feeling completely stripped of moisture and I'd always have to follow up with copious amounts of moisturiser in a bid to recoup the lost moisture so I decided to start using two different facial masks at the same time.

The Brightener, Tightener and Uplifter Mask

The Montagne Jeunesse Sensuous Spice Masque has a self warming formula so it begins to warm up after you've applied it to the face for a spa-like effect. I'd recommend using this mask on the areas of your face where you don't have any dry patches but if you have sensitive skin, I'd recommend sticking with this mask instead of the next mask option which is a little more intense. This warming face mask contains a brightening and tightening blend of cinnamon and ginger, which works to thoroughly clean the pores, and draw out any impurities. This packaging is really handy as it allows for ten applications in a resealable bottle so you can use it when required, and as I like to use it just on my forehead and chin, it lasts for a impressively long time making it great value for money.

The Intense Peel-Off Purifier Mask

There is something so satisfying (albeit a little gross) about a peel-off mask as you can see what nasties the mask has pulled away from the skin, and due to the peel-off nature it can be drying on the skin. I'd recommend using a peel-off mask such as the Shills Deep Cleansing Black Mask on your T-Zone where you might suffer with excess shine, and problem pores. The best use for the mask is for removing pesky blackheads which might plague your T-Zone, and I think this mask works well for both men and women providing a patch test is done first. I definitely don't think this is the type of mask you should use all over your face due to how intense it is, but it does work well when used in small areas of the skin but make sure you keep it well away from any hair as it will pull any hairs out.

The Soothing Moisturiser Mask

The Avéne Thermale Soothing Moisture Mask is designed to boost the skin's hydration levels, and is infused with a high concentration of Avene's famous thermal spring water for a pick-me-up for the skin when it's looking a little dull whilst Triglycerides nourish dehydrated skin. This mask is one of my all time favourites as it's one you can apply to your dry areas and leave it to absorb into the skin without rinsing, and I personally love to use it before bed in a generous layer for an intensive overnight moisture boost. If you have sensitive skin, this mask is perfect for you as it's considerably soothing and helps to reduce any redness or inflammation of the skin.

Multimasking for the hair is quite similar in that you use different masks for different parts of your hair, which might sound a little faffy but if you have hair like mine, it really is worth the extra effort. The TIGI Bedhead Oatmeal and Honey Mask is an intense nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair, and I like to use it for the mid-lengths to ends of my hair which is where my hair is a little dry and heat damaged. I would say this mask is ideal for all hair types, especially for those with oily hair or fine hair which can be weighed down very easily but if you don't have those hair types, the next mask might be better suited for your tresses. This decadent mask is formulated with an expert blend of fibre-penetrating ingredients which help to reverse the signs of damage and is a great weekly treat for your hair but it might be a little too rich for the roots, but my third hair mask option is ideal for the roots.

If you don't have fine or oily hair, or hair that doesn't get laden down with product easily then I think the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask is the mask for you and it's my personal holy grail mask. It contains a blend of macadamia oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts for an ultra conditioning and nourishing treatment which can be used weekly. My hair is fine but as long as I don't use oil-based masks within my roots, I don't have any problem at all. If you do have fine or oily hair, I'd really recommend trying a lighter mask within your roots and then a more intensive, nourishing mask on the rest of your hair as it really does make a big difference. I like to apply this mask all over my hair, but I like to leave around a three inch gap from the mask to my roots as it's too nourishing for my roots and my hair can look rather flat and lifeless once styled. For me, this is the most nourishing mask I've ever used and the only mask I've found that makes my hair look a lot less damaged than it is, making it a total winner.

This next mask option is what I like to call the do-it-all mask as it works well all over the hair, roots and all. For the purpose of Multimasking, I enjoy slathering the L'Oreal Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Masque all over my roots, especially the underside of my hair around my ears and the nape of my neck where I have the most flyaways and frizz. I don't have to worry about my hair being left weighed down as it's so lightweight, but it makes my hair so much easier to style. This particular mask is designed to smooth the hair, and protect it against humidity and it contains a Pro-Keratin complex of amino acids and wheat protein to instantly strengthen and protect hair. In addition to strengthening the hair, it also controls frizz and smooths the hair's follicle which I find greatly cuts down the time it takes to straighten my hair thus resulting in less heat damage in the long run.

I wanted to include a wildcard option within the mix, and it had to be the Barry M. Mani Mask which is a relatively new product launch which has been created to camouflage, condition and colour the nails. I've always used base coats until now and I've been absolutely fine, so I failed to see the need for a 'nail mask' but it in hindsight it really does make sense, especially when you consider nails are made from keratin which is the same substance the body uses to create hair. The Mani Mask dries quickly to a matte finish, with a subtle pinky tint which helps to minimise any imperfections of the nails whilst treating your nails at the same time. I really like the pale pink tint as I don't personally like to have bare nails, so this is the perfect alternative for a simple yet chic nail colour option which will also camouflage any staining you might have.

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