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Top Ten ORLY Nail Polishes

By Miss Makeup Magpie
With hundreds of beautiful shades to choose from it can be a bit daunting! Here are our Top Ten ORLY Nail Polishes, which you just have to try....

I have a serious obsession when it comes to nail polish and I've amassed quite the collection over the years and definitely favour some nail polish brands over others, ORLY being one of them. I find that ORLY Nail Polishes are always rather consistent in terms of formula and their bottles are larger than most brands as they contain 18ml as opposed to the normal 10-15ml. I also much prefer the rubberised ORLY handles as they make nail polish application a breeze and I appreciate that the formulas age well over time without going gloopy or thick. I even have ORLY polishes which are over five years old but apply and wear as if they're brand new so for me, they're a great value nail polish investment as you don't have to worry about them separating and becoming unusable.

ORLY has an incredibly extensive shade range with frequent new collections bursting with exciting new shades. I own a considerable amount of ORLY nail polish shades so I wanted to whittle my collection down to a top ten of ORLY nail polishes which impress in the formula, wear and/or shade department. So hopefully there's a shade or two here that catches your eye as I assure you, you will not be disappointed especially as they're all considerably discounted here on Luxplus...

Miss Conduct might be my favourite ORLY polish of all time and I think I managed to capture its true beauty. Miss Conduct is a metallic magenta base filled with micro holographic glitter particles which beautifully capture the light for true 'rainbow nails'. It is a two coat polish but the formula is pretty good, so they're two easy coats and it's a polish I can't stop looking at once it's on my nails as it's just so pretty and holographic.

Beach Cruiser is one of ORLY's most popular shades and it's easy to see why and it was released as part of the ORLY Feel the Vibe Summer Collection which was packed with neon shades. Beach Cruiser is the most vivid, neon pink I've ever seen in polish form and it has the ability to make your hands look tanned even when they're not so it's ideal as we transition from Summer to Autumn where tans may be fading. It's another two coat polish, and it dries matte so you might want to top it with a glossy topcoat to get the neon to pop even more.

La Vida Loca is one of my top three from the ten and I don't think the photos do it justice sadly. La Vida Loca is the most incredible pink creme with a blue duochrome shift which is just so unique any other polish I've tried. Due to the duochrome finish, it does apply quite thinly but it can be built up in three easy coats for full opacity and the shift really comes to life the more opaque it becomes.

Liquid Vinyl is one of my staple favourites as in my opinion it's the perfect black nail polish, and a must have for anyone that enjoys creating nail art designs. It has a black creme finish and the first coat is terribly sheer and streaky, but please persevere as the second coat gives a fully opaque finish. It really does look like liquid vinyl like the name suggests as it has a killer shine so you don't even need to top it with a glossy topcoat. I love using Liquid Vinyl as a base for glitter toppers as it gives the effect of almost a starry sky and I think it works well for nail stamping and water marbling if you're on the hunt for a do it all black polish.

Monroe Red has the most amazing, opaque in one coat formula which wows me every single time I use it. In the bottle you can see subtle shimmer particles but these don't translate onto the nails, but that doesn't bother me as it's the most perfect statement red nail polish which doesn't lean too cool or warm and it would flatter any skintone. I rarely bother with any other red polishes anymore as I know this one ticks all the boxes and it impresses in terms of longevity too making it an absolute winner.

Lola is another winner in my opinion which applies almost completely opaque but you can still see a hint of a nail line so a second coat helps to cover up any bare patches but you could easily pass with the one coat if you were short on time. I'd describe Lola as being a hot pink creme which borders on being neon but it's not quite as in your face as Beach Cruiser or Va Va Voom, and it's my favourite ORLY polish for my toenails.

Va Va Voom may look quite similar to Beach Cruiser but I assure you they're quite different as Beach Cruiser is a neon blue toned pink, and Va Va Voom is more of a neon warm toned pink which borders on being a coral. From all of my top ten ORLY Nail Polishes picks, I would say Va Va Voom has the least impressive formula as it's quite streaky and the formula isn't self leveling but I honestly believe it's worth the extra effort as the colour is so bold and beautiful.

Rock It is such a pretty shade which looks different in different lights - in daylight it's a metallic red with a golden duochrome shift, and under artificial lighting it's a metallic ruby red but it's seriously pretty under any lighting. I think this is the ideal festive shade so I know I'll be wearing it a lot come November and December but it's really hard to get hold of so I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted it on the Luxplus website. The formula is fantastic with two easy coats, and for a foiled polish I think the lack of brush strokes is pretty good.

Everything's Rosy is possibly the most muted shade within my top ten (can you tell I favour brighter and bolder nail polish shades?) but it's a stunner nonetheless. Everything's Rosy is a muted lilac creme which I think is a really lovely shade for those with pale skin and for me it's a go-to shade for when I don't know what nail polish to wear. I also like that because it's a paler shade, it's a little more forgiving when you begin to show signs of tip wear.

Purple Crush is my last and final polish pick, and it had to be a purple as purple is my favourite colour. Purple Crush has almost a crelly finish and is a fuchsia pink with a slight purple tone, but due to the crelly formula, it shows streaks and brush strokes with three coats so it's more of a four thin coat polish but it's such a pretty shade that I forgive how laborious it is as I love the end result.

I found it so hard to whittle my favourites down to just ten as I could have easily done 15-20 but I really hope you like the shades I chose, and if you do try any of them, you're as impressed with them as I am as I just adore ORLY nail polishes.

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