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Colour Correcting Makeup

By Miss Makeup Magpie
There are many colour correcting makeup products, but do they actually work?! We're sharing our top products and how best to use them...

Colour correcting can be quite a daunting beauty trend as there are so many different products and shades, it can be hard to know where to start. Colour correcting makeup allows you to disguise any specific skin issues such as dark circles or redness so you don't have to use super high coverage base products in order to cover them. The whole concept works with the colour wheel, and using colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel so the skin concerns can be neutralised. We've rounded up a selection of colour correcting products we stock here at Luxplus, and are going to talk you through how each one can be used and the skin concerns they're designed to neutralise.

Here is a basic rundown on the colour correcting shades and their intended uses;

Green: Neutralises redness such as acne, rosacea, sunburn and broken capillaries.

Pink: Brightens sallow undertones and neutralise dark circles.

Orange: Neutralise blue tones in the skin.

Peach: Corrects hyper pigmentation and adds brightness.

Purple: Corrects yellow skin tones.

Yellow: Corrects dark under eye circles or bruises as well as lightening any dark areas.

Colour Correcting Concealer Palette

This W7 Colour Correcting Concealer Quad is the ideal starting product if you're new to colour correcting as it contains four different shades in one handy compact, each of which are clearly labelled on the lid which takes away any guesswork on how best they should be used. With colour correcting, the shades are typically quite muted so that they're easy to cover with foundation but they're still pigmented enough that they disguise whatever you're wanting to disguise ie dark circles.

This quad contains a mint green (to correct redness), a skin tone shade (to work as a concealer), a peach (to correct dark circles) and an highlighter. Sometimes I've found that some budget colour correctors can be lacking pigment so they aren't very effective at colour correcting but the pigment of the three corrector shades within this quad are really good. I wish the fourth shade was perhaps a pink or purple shade rather than an highlighter, as the highlighter is my least favourite segment from the quad. The three corrector shades are really effective, especially the green shade which I like to use on the top of any blemishes and breakouts to counteract the redness and inflammation before I apply my concealer.

Dark Circles Corrector

W7 recently launched a range of four different colour correcting concealers; Anti Dullness, Anti Redness, Dark Spot Corrector and Dark Circle Corrector, and I have the Dark Circles Corrector. I feel that these are slightly different to the general colour correctors as the W7 Cover Chameleons are corrective concealers so they actually offer a level of coverage, rather than just neutralising the skin concern. The product is packaged within a colour coded tube which is similar to a tube concealer, with a doefoot applicator which you can apply directly to the skin and blend out; I personally prefer to blend it out with a beauty sponge.

The W7 Dark Circles Corrector is a muted orange shade which is specifically formulated to neutralise dark circles and any blue/green tones. I don't really have an issue with dark circles, but I do have quite visible veins in the inner corners of my eyes so this concealer is effective in neutralising the veins so my under eye concealer applies a little better as the area is left looking a lot more uniform and even toned. I really like that it offers a little coverage too, so it'd be good option for those that prefer fuller coverage makeup.

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions

The Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Primer is an unique product from the typical colour corrector format as it's actually a primer which you can apply all over the skin. As a primer it works to diffuse the appearance of pores and leaves the skin with a matte finish which lasts up to 8 hours. It is said to contain 'smart technology' which manages excess oil as well as resisting sweat and humidity. There are three different variations of this primer available, but the one I'd recommend is 'Invisible Bright' which is shown above. The primer has the typical silicone-like consistency which smooths over the skin to correct any uneven texture and blurring imperfections along the way. What is unique with this primer is that it has a pale pink tint which as you blend it into the skin, it offers instant brightness to the skin.

I was a little sceptical at first that a primer could brighten my skin but it genuinely does, it's really quite amazing and in my opinion well worth the price. Whilst I'm applying the primer into the skin, the skin becomes instantly brightened and you can even see it happen during application. I love using this primer when my skin's looking a little dull or sallow, as it's a quick fix to pep up my complexion and it's also effective at minimising the appearance of my pores which is a nice bonus.

Colour Corrective Concealer Pen

The W7 Cover It! Colour Corrective Concealer Pens may look similar to the W7 Cover Chameleons but they are a little different. The W7 Cover Chameleons have vivid shades for intense colour correction with decent coverage, whereas the W7 Cover It! pens have more pastel shades with lighter coverage so are best used by those with minor colour corrective concerns. There are three shades to choose from; Anti Red, Anti Dull and Dark Spot, with each shade being packaged within a colour coded pen style tube with a twistable base which dispenses the product through the brush. The packaging style is similar to other pen concealers such as the YSL Touche Eclat which I'll be covering next. The brush applicator is super handy as you can swipe it directly on to the skin where you need colour correction and blend the product in with your application method of choice.

I have the Anti Dull Corrector which has a peach coloured tube, and the concealer is a salmon pink shade which still has decent coverage but it's not as fuller coverage as the aforementioned W7 Cover Chameleon. I think it's really easy to apply and blend, and it definitely does counteract any dull tones I'm experiencing and due to the shade being more muted, you don't have to wear a full coverage foundation over the top in order to disguise it. I didn't think I'd like this one as much as the W7 Cover Chameleon but I think the W7 Cover It! is best for lighter makeup days, and the W7 Cover Chameleon is better for the days where I want fuller coverage makeup.

YSL Touche Eclat

The YSL Touche Eclat is the most iconic concealer pen and the product many brands attempt to imitate. The Touche Eclat is available in ten different shades and tones, so each shade will offer different results but Luminous Radiance is shade '1' and the original shade before the additional shades were introduced. There are many uses for the highly coveted YSL Touche Eclat as it can be used as an highlighting pen for brightness but it can also be used to disguise dark circles. Luminous Radiance is a light pinky peach shade which is dispensed through the brush applicator by pressing the black button on the base of the pen.

I like to apply the Touche Eclat from the inner corner of my eyes to the outer corner in a small triangle shape, to counteract any darkness but also imparting brightness in the whole under eye area. I like that you can use the YSL Touche Eclat as an highlighter and a corrector, as it can be used on the cupids bow of the lip, the centre of your nose or brow bones for an highlighted effect. It has won many awards since it launched in 1992, and it's easy to see why as it's very effective and the packaging is absolutely stunning making it a very welcome addition to my makeup bag.

We hope you've found our colour correcting tips and product recommendations helpful, and we'd love to know if you use colour corrective makeup?

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