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By Lonni Sandbjerg
Bring your fancy nails with you to the party! Here are two ritzy nail polish looks that are guaranteed to blitz any party.

Party time! Who doesn’t love a fun party? In an everyday life bound by norms and social codes, parties are a chance for us to deviate from conformity and let loose. Elements of glitter, glam and gorgeous colours are a staple of the feminine party ritual. They add volume to parties and breathe life into our party experiences.

It's party time again and you are dressed to kill,  your hair is set, and your makeup done. Your nails are the missing masterstroke, the last key ingredient to complete your festive look and sex appeal. Applying nail polish doesn’t take long but it needs to be done correctly and most importantly, it needs to match or complement your look. 

Here are a few ritzy nail polish ideas for a night of debauchery, fun and festivity.   

Look One: Disco Sensation  

Step 1 

Remove your nail cuticles with TRIM’s small hair cuticle remover. For best results, do this after a bath as your skin and nails will be softer and easier to work with. 

Step 2 

File your nails to give them a trim, courteous look. A file from the Style & Grace Bubble Boutique Pamper Kit For Hands can easily do the trick. The rest of this kit includes everything you need to give your hands a professional, comprehensive manicure at home.

Step 3 

The last and most exciting part of this mini ritual. Gloss your nails in Rimmel’s Glitter Bomb nail polish. This festive gem screams for attention from the word go and resembles the confetti explosions of a delightful New Year’s eve. 

You can use Rimmel’s Glitter Bomb nail polish with or without a coloured nail polish base. I personally prefer red or black as a base, coated by a generous portion of Rimmel on top. Party away party animal!  

Tip: If Rimmel’s Glitter Bomb nail polish is a tad too wild for your imagination, skip applying a coloured base. The resulting look is discrete enough for a more everyday appearance. 

Look Two: All That Glitters is Gold  

Repeat the nail cuticle removing and filing process as indicated in Look one for best results. 

For my runner-up look in my favourite party look repertoire, I use the Opi Wondrous Star nail polish. This product ticks off all the boxes of a good allrounder, with its versatility and dynamism.  


Apply a thick, black base to your nails, let it sink in and dry completely. 


Coat your nails with a generous application of the Opi Wondrous Star glitter. The result, as you can see below, is a sensational black and yellow combination that’ll wow any crowd.  

Tip: Allow your nail polish brush to drip dry before you apply polish onto your nails. This sorts the excess clear nail polish from the glitter, leaving you with small grains of flashy glitter that add dimension and character to your nails.  

Your imagination is the only limit, get festive with one of our many nail polish combinations which we sell at unbelievably cheap prices. 

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