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By Lonnie Sandbjerg
We tested some of Youngblood’s top products to see if they live up to the hype. Here is what we found out.

I recently had the pleasure of testing several top-rated products from the award winning mineral makeup brand, Youngblood.
Here is my verdict on Youngblood’s pressed mineral foundation, creme blush, powder blush and the enchanting Youngblood Minerals in the Mist moisturizing spray.

Double Effect Mist 

Youngblood’s Minerals in the Mist - Refresh is an effective moisturizing spray that is the perfect supplement to your day cream. Applicable before you massage your skin with day cream, the effective minerals in the mist spray helps the skin contain its moisture, preventing from drying out and peeling.
As I doused myself in the mist, I was overcome by the fantastic, overpowering scent of mandarin. Intense, fresh and not too sweet in character, the spray quickly gives you the refreshing sensation of a well-moisturized skin whilst the smart spray function makes it easy to distribute evenly on the entirety of the face.
Youngblood’s Minerals in The Mist - Refresh is a versatile product that has various functions. Apart from keeping your skin fresh and moisturized under your makeup, it also helps you keep your foundation in place, so it lasts even longer!
After trying the mist, I noticed a huge difference in the consistency and quality of my day makeup. My foundation felt softer on my skin than it usually is and the skin itself was soft and glossy when I removed my makeup in the evening.


Pressed Minerals From Heaven 

Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation is one of the most popular powder foundations on the market. After I tried it myself, it is not hard to see why it is as highly rated as it is. 

Let’s Start With The Packaging

How often have we experienced that a good product is also a product that is well packaged? Complementing the quality of the foundation, Youngblood’s Pressed Mineral Foundation comes packaged in a smart, compact size with a magnetic locking device. The case snaps shut with a satisfying thud, securing the contents so they do not leak when packed in your bag. Moreover, it is easy to hold and feels solid and well-built when compared to many other makeup products whose packaging often feels flimsy and tacky. The attention to style and detail warrants applause - from a makeup artist’s point of view, I am nothing short of impressed.
Open the case and you will find a small mirror and a makeup sponge that you can use to quickly add flair and edge to your makeup when on the go.
I’d recommend that you use the sponge on areas of your face that you would like to give extra coverage to. Thereafter, spread the powder across the rest of your face with one of your own brushes. By doing so, you can create a more secure, natural and even foundation. Your own brushes are often better than those that are included in various makeup products. 

And Now To The Contents

It comes as no surprise that YoungBlood’s mineral foundation is a high quality product of a silky texture that easily spreads onto your skin. The powder feels light and gentle when applied to the skin. It is also effective; application of a small quantity is enough to give your face a comprehensive, effective foundation. It is little wonder that Youngblood is a favourite amongst many girls the world over. After my experience with this product, I too am a huge fan of the brand. 

Luminous Creme Blush - Pink Cahsmere

A small, rounded slice of heaven ! This creme blush provides your skin with high definition colour. Long lasting and effective, Youngblood’s creme blush gives your skin a sleek, glossy feel, creating a look that accentuates your beauty and attraction factor. At first glance it appears to be overly pink in colour. However, once applied, it gives the skin a peach-coloured pigment that applies the finishing touches to your makeup routine.  

I recommend using Youngblood’s Creme Blush to add the masterstrokes at the very end of your makeup application so that you do not ruin its colour and consistency with your finishing powder. This product is also ideal for an older clientele with wrinkles and fine lines, as it doesn’t highlight them. 

Crushed Mineral Blush - Coral Reef

The final Youngblood product that I tested was their Crushed Mineral Blush - Coral Reef. This well made product contains mother of pearl and can be used alone or as a highlighter in addition to your normal blush, if you want a bit of glam and glitz to your look. Again, the build and form of the packaging underscore the overall quality of the product. Two small holes at the top of the packaging ensure that you don’t apply too much of the blush, preventing wastage. This notwithstanding, I still think that there is a hole too much, given just how effective a product this is, so i peeled only a small section of the protective plastic. My makeup artist’s tip of the day is to use as little blush as possible as not much is needed for it to be seen. Given its mineral composition, it is easy to massage into the skin and gives instant, natural results.

My Conclusion

YoungBlood’s products lived up to all my expectations. As a makeup artist, I have continually come across this brand and I am continually surprised as to how easy mineral makeup is to work with. Equally impressive is how easy Youngblood have made it for one to create beautiful makeup using very few products.

I would recommend Youngblood for your everyday makeup needs, which do not require you to stand in front of the mirror for an eternity and apply  20 different products to be applied to your face.  

Yes, it’s true