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By Lonni Sandbjerg
Have you heard of Bio Oil? Bio Oil can prevent stretch marks from developing during pregnancy and minimize the impact of any existing stretch marks.

Your pregnancy and the first few months of life with your newborn baby are tender moments that ought to be enjoyed. Life with your child (or children) thereafter is also a special affair. I won’t tell you that it is not taxing and demanding, but it is definitely special and filled with love and memorable moments. 

Yet in the midst of the childbearing and rearing process, there is one niggling detail that annoys me. The strains of the difficulties of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding leave your body with a certain unpleasant scarring that we are all too familiar with, stretch marks.   

What are Stretch Marks?  

Any rapid expansion or contraction of the skin causes straining and stretching, visible as fault lines that later heal and form scars in the form of stretch marks.
There are many reasons behind the onset of stretch marks. The most well-known of these is the stretching and contraction of the skin related to the strains of pregnancy and childbirth. Areas such as your bottom, thighs and breasts can go from being firm and well-toned to saggy and scarred by stretch marks during this process. The extra weight of your unborn baby puts your skin under more strain, causing it to expand as it gets more developed and nears birth.
However, stretch marks can also (excuse the pun) make their mark on women who are not pregnant. Body builders, youth who experience a sudden growth spurt or those who suddenly undergo a significant loss of weight are all vulnerable to the onset of stretch marks.

Bio Oil and Stretch Marks

The million dollar question that many women ask continually is “can stretch marks be removed?” The simple answer is no, I regret to admit, with a lump in my throat. Stretch marks are permanent body scars.
HOWEVER, there are preventative measures that can be taken to hinder the onset of stretch marks. Nourishing your skin with moisture and giving it intensive care can stop stretch marks from developing later in your life. What’s more, once stretch marks do appear, you can make them look less visible so they do not protrude and intimidate as much.
Meet Bio Oil, the miracle oil that has worked wonders on the stretch marks of women the world over, myself included. My stretchmarks are far less visible after I started using Bio Oil, even though they will never truly disappear, as I wrote earlier. 

Bio Oil has won numerous awards for its abilities in combatting stretch marks (usually a year after childbirth). Designed to improve the appearance of irregular skin nuances whilst moisturizing dry skin in all areas of your body, Bio Oil is a rather versatile product known for its healing properties. For instance, Bio Oil can also be used to treat sunburn, which it does by nourishing the skin and protecting it from peeling. 

What does Bio Oil Contain? 

A combination of plant extracts, mineral oils and vitamins that have soothing, nourishing effects on the skin would be the simple answer to this question. All of the ingredients contained in Bio Oil are safe for use for all women, pregnant or not.
Delve deeper and you will find both Vitamin as well as Vitamin A which help preserve skin elasticity. Vitamin A in particular helps rebuild skin fibre and flexibility. The key ingredient in Bio Oil is PurCellin oil, which facilitates the absorption of Bio Oil into the body in a rapid manner. PurCellin oil is not greasy and makes sure that your skin can readily absorb other healing oils and ingredients.

How do I Use Bio Oil? 

Massage Bio Oil in a circular motion onto areas of your body that contain stretch marks twice a day for a minimum of 3 months for best results. If you are pregnant and want to prevent the onset of stretch marks during your pregnancy, you can use Bio Oil 3 months into your pregnancy on body parts such as the stomach, breasts, thighs, bottom and hips. Bio Oil keeps your skin in a flexible, elastic state, thus preventing stretch marks from appearing in the first place.
If you already have stretch marks, there are no guarantees whatsoever that Bio Oil can remove them. It can, however, smoothen your skin pigment and even out folds and blemishes, making your stretch marks less visible and upping your attraction factor.  

The Results of Bio Oil Use 

I’m not going to insert any cliché before and after pictures of all the women out there (myself included) who have used Bio Oil and experienced great results. It must be said that the effect of Bio Oil is different from one woman to another and like any other product, it will not change your condition on its own. It is important that you keep your skin firm and elastic by watching your diet and exercising frequently, as anyone will tell you.  Moreover, no two skin types are identical - Bio Oil could be great on one particular woman and less-so on another. Its results are individual and diverse. 

In my case, I can only lament not having massaged my body with a bit of Bio Oil during my pregnancy. However, now that the damage has been done, I am happy with the effects of Bio Oil use, which mean that my stretch marks are not as visible or as profound as they could potentially be. I am content with the results of Bio Oil use from a personal point of view. 

Try our Bio Oil products today, make huge savings  and step up your game in the battle against stretch marks. 

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