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Stocking Fillers Under £10

By Luxplus
Christmas shopping can quickly become expensive. To help we've hand selected a range of great budget friendly stocking fillers all under £10!

Christmas can be such an expensive time with gifts to buy and festive socialising, so I'm always on the lookout for ways in which I can save money wherever possible. I really love shopping for Christmas gifts for my loved ones knowing that I'm choosing something they're going to enjoy, but I like also to set a budget for each recipient I need to buy for—otherwise I can get a little carried away with my purchases. To help minimise any gift overspending, I'm sharing a great selection of budget friendly stocking fillers which all can be found here on Luxplus for less than £10!

Britney Spears Intimate Fantasy Eau de Parfum 

Fragrance for under £10?! Yes, really. You are possibly thinking that fragrance under £10 wouldn't be the best, but you'd be wrong as the high street retail prices of these two fragrances are well above are each £30 so to get them for under £10 is very good indeed. Let's start with the Britney Spears Intimate Fantasy Eau de Parfum 50ml, shall we? I know celebrity scents aren't for everyone, but Britney Spears Fantasy is one of my personal favourite fragrances although it can be a little too much for day to day. Intimate Fantasy is a sweet and fruity scent and a lot lighter than the original Fantasy which is more of a candy sickly sweet scent. I'd describe Intimate Fantasy as a sweet musky vanilla fragrance which is a lot less cloying and wearable in comparison. I think the bottle design is really pretty too as it's not obnoxiously tacky like some celebrity fragrances tend to be, and it'd be a nice addition to any dressing table or vanity with its white bottle and pale pink crystals and accents.

David Beckham Instinct Eau de Toilette

For the males in your life, I really recommend the David Beckham range of fragrances and toiletries as they're all priced very affordably. The scents are very likeable and they're ideal for male stocking fillers if you want something a little bit more luxurious than the likes of Lynx and Sure. We have a large range of the David Beckham products on site including deodorants, body sprays and fragrances with prices starting at just £1.95. My top pick is the David Beckham Instinct Eau de Toilette 75ml which again is heavily discounted with super sleek packaging and a magnetic lid. The Instinct fragrance is spicy yet fresh with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, cardamom, red pimento and patchouli, and I think it would appeal to most males especially sport fans.

FC Barcelona Eau de Toilette

Following on from the mention of sport fans... if your gift recipient is perhaps a teen, the FC Barcelona Eau de Toilette Gift Set is a cool gift set which is guaranteed to please. FC Barcelona are one of the biggest football clubs worldwide and even if your recipient doesn't necessarily support Barcelona, I still feel they'd appreciate this mens gift set as a football fan. The set includes a 50ml bottle of the FC Barcelona Eau de Toilette, two Barcelona player mini-figures as well as a selection of football stickers. There are four Barcelona player mini-figures available in total, and each gift set contains two of the four figures. In my set I got the Messi figure and the Neymar Jr figure and they're both really good quality with great attention to detail. In all honesty, I didn't expect very much from the fragrance, but I am so surprised by how nice it is as it's a nice clean and fresh scent which any age could wear and I think the set is really well presented within the box.

Steamcream Moisturiser Spark

As a beauty obsessive I love to give beauty gifts and I've chosen three great beauty gifts which I feel would suit most ages and they're all well under £10. The first item I've chosen is the Steamcream Moisturiser Spark which is available in lots of different tin designs, but I really like how bright and colourful the 'Spark' design is. If you're new to Steamcream, Steamcream is an award winning 100% natural moisturiser which can be used on the face, hands and body. It contains healing properties and is said to be especially good for those with psoriasis and eczema. The cream contains a blend of natural aromatherapy essential oils which are designed to soothe, tone, balance and calm the skin. The natural ingredients within the cream are fused together by a shot of steam, which is what creates its light consistency and it's a great product to own for both men and women as it's a multitasker which works wonders on parched winter skin.

Basics Manicure Kit

Whenever I have an at home pamper session, I like to indulge in a DIY manicure and I feel that manicure sets make for lovely gifts. I chose the Basics Manicure Kit as it contains a total of twelve high quality nail tools secured inside a luxurious brown faux leather case. The twelve nail tools cater for every manicure need including three sets of nail clippers for both fingers and toes, scissors, cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, tweezers and much more. I think this is a particularly great gift as it's incredibly useful and it will last for years and I like that all of the tools are in one place so it's nice and convenient, as well as being travel-friendly. I think it would be a really thoughtful gift to give this manicure set alongside a beautiful nail polish set, which I have you covered with my final gift pick...

OPI Jambalayettes Mini Nail Polish Collection

OPI is one of my top three nail polish brands so I'm always confident when purchasing their polishes or sets as gifts, as they're great quality nail polishes. I really like the OPI Jambalayettes Mini Nail Polish Collection as it contains four miniature OPI polishes in wearable shades which can be worn all year round. I think the OPI mini sets are an especially good choice as their mini bottles feature full size brushes, so you can create the same streak-free and even finish of a full size bottle when most mini nail polishes have a small brush which are difficult to use. The shades within the Jambalayettes set include a salmon pink creme, a metallic pale champagne, a luscious green creme and a sparkly cornflower blue and I like that all four shades work nicely as a transition from winter to spring. This set launched as part of the OPI New Orleans Collection from this Summer so it's still a relatively new collection which makes it even more brilliant that the set is under £10.

I hope you've enjoyed, and more importantly been inspired by, my top picks for stocking filler gifts under £10 :) Make sure to browse Luxplus' huge assortment of gifts and more, as you're bound to find something that fits your budget!

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